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Newton.Vaureal Consulting - Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Paris
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(Français) Défense

For over 10 years, Newton.Vaureal Consulting has been at the centre of major Army and Defence industry changes.

The French Armed Forces: a unique Newton.Vaureal Consulting client

Historically, Newton.Vaureal Consulting has assisted the military in its most radical logistics and Supply Chain transformations:

  • Land Army Logistics Master Plans.
  • Audit and recommendations for the design of global-service contracts (MOC) related to all Air Force flying equipment.
  • Audit and recommendations for the design of global-service contracts (MOC) related to audit and recommendation for all Land Army rolling stock.

Newton.Vaureal Consulting has an intimate knowledge of Armed Forces Supply Chain procedures, professions and cultures.

Supply Chain specifics for global support contracts

Newton.Vaureal Consulting Supply Chain and logistics consultants work on problems connected with Supply Chain, logistics and MOC (Maintain in Operational Condition). Our expertise is solicited to define:

  • The politics of fleet administration.
  • Offers of service (Client Service).
  • Maintenance organization.
  • Organization of spare-parts’ supply and stock management.
  • Production planning.
  • Logistics Master Plans with choice of best Route to Market (RtM) models.
  • Supplier-relationship management
  • Managing fluctuations
  • Controlling costs.

We implement specialist concepts for these different domains, for example: Service life-cycle managements, S&OP, maintenance projections, Supply Chain collaboration etc.. We intervene in the fields of strategic considerations, creation of technical offers, operational optimization and the setting up of Information Systems.