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Newton.Vaureal Consulting - Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Paris
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Strategic vision

Inspiring Supply Chain strategy

Our Supply Chain and Logistic consultants work, from the very outset, directly with your Supply Chain and senior company management in order to share experience and inspire a vision. The vision of our inductors is limitless: e-commerce and multimedia, digitalization, Supply Chain security and robotics … They bring with them their opinions formed from their extensive expertise. They organize creative, counter-argument debates and facilitate the taking of decisions because clients of Newton.Vaureal Consulting expect its consultants to contribute to their clear understanding of strategy options.

Strategic vision workshops

In order to ensure that creative solutions conform and accurately respond to your needs, we organize Strategy Workshops to outline and formulate the Supply Chain strategic vision.

Client testimony: “A powerful moment that served as a direction and constant reminder during the remainder of the project.”

Innovative Supply Chain

To identify and introduce a durable new way of doing things, it is exigent on us to be both the driving force behind and companion to a project throughout its process of approval within a company.

Client testimony: “The real innovation of NVC has been to discover how to best mobilize our teams in order to introduce the digitalization of our Supply Chain in incremental stages”

Supply Chain differentiating factor

Entry barriers, cost advantage, maximizing distribution channels throughout the Supply Chain – together we transform the Supply Chain and give it a competitive advantage.

Client testimony: “We are market leaders in France and had the impression that our Supply Chain had the advantage over that of our competitors. Thanks to NVC, we now understand why and are able strengthen these advantages.”

Revealing performance at the core of a sector and/or profession and empowering it to inspire

Client testimony: “We operated a defensive Supply Chain strategy and we accepted our logistic performance in order to maintain a level of activity at the heart of our industry. A better understanding of our competition convinced us that we needed to change – to an offensive strategy”